The Expert Service Program

The Expert Service Program is a result-driven four-stage consulting model designed meticulously using years of management experience and extensive research.

We conduct a thorough, in-depth analysis of your existing business processes and service operations to identify potential areas of improvement. We then work hand-in-hand with your hierarchy and use a written action plan with proven sustainable practices to increase profitability.

Innovative Solutions That Drive Your Business Growth

Here at, we work as an extension of your management team and strive to improve your organizational structure and operational efficiency with expert advisory solutions and proven strategies.

Our goal is to support your mission of providing excellent services to your customers while maintaining profitability and sustainability. We use a four-stage Expert Service Program to evaluate your current processes and incorporate new practices to achieve the desired outcome.

Stage #1 – The Discovery

The process begins with an in-depth information gathering questionnaire to analyze your current business operations and strategies. We'll ask you to answer 30 plus questions regarding your current service operations to understand current processes. We'll conduct virtual interviews with key positions on your team to understand their duties and daily tasks in your workflows. By gathering key data points we will calculate your average ticket price required to deliver profitable service rates today.
Timeline: 3 weeks before Stage 2.

Stage #2 – The Virtual Red Audit

We are currently not providing on-site job evaluations due to the global outbreak of Covid-19. We use Zoom to conduct interviews of employees and perform a virtual analysis of your business operations, evaluating staff, processes, pricing policies, and gross margin contributors.

The Red Audit will deliver a written action plan of recommended proven best practices tailored to sustain and increase profitability and controlled growth.

Timeline: 2-3 weeks

Stage #3 – The Road to Black

This stage involves implementing the recommended action plan and process improvements following approval by the company principal. Staff will be trained and monitored to ensure results.

Timeline: Depends on the scope of the work that needs to be addressed and the willingness of the company to make changes in the business model.

We offer weekly one-hour telephone support sessions for up to 6 months at an additional cost.

Stage #4 – The Roundtable

A regular gathering of service managers from non-competing markets will be organized to grow operational knowledge and protect their confidence.

*Additional costs involved