Here is What Our Clients are Saying About the ESP Experience


Steve Sheinkopf Ceo Yale Appliance , Boston MA

"Customers now expect service as part of your offering. The days of selecting a number from a Rolodex to call are over. They bought it from you. They want you to handle it. Service is an excruciating department because it is so hard to execute. However, it is the best marketing you will ever have. There are few experts in the field. Most create more problems than they solve. Except for Paul MacDonald. I am convinced he is the only guy who can assist you in the creation or reformulation of an effective service department. He utterly understands the whole process. Call center management, software, parts management and tech capacity utilization. Paul can talk to any type of customer even heated. So, if you are sick of reading bad reviews about your organization or talking to angry people, then talk to Paul."


Malcolm Williams Ceo Greenville Appliance & Mattress, Greenville, NC

"Greenville Appliance and Mattress has been in the appliance service business for about 70 years. We have been losing money for the last ten years. A member of our buying group recommended that I call Paul MacDonald for help. I did and I have been very impressed with his process to turn our service department around. He interviewed my service manager, service techs, and myself. He has addressed our problems and suggested a game plan to correct them. Now we are executing that plan and Paul is working with me to make sure that we stay on track. I feel very good about this whole process, and I think we’re on the way to making our service department profitable again. I am happy that Paul is part of our expert service program, and he can help our servicing dealers update their service departments and make them profitable again."

Tommy Martinez Ceo Johnnie's Appliances, Downey, CA

"Working with Paul MacDonald has been a wonderful experience. Paul helped me see the holes in my appliance repair business and gave me a thorough roadmap on how to get us on track as well as a way to execute that plan. He has shown us how to grow profits, encourage our technicians, and grow our overall business. I couldn't be happier with the service I've received from Paul. "