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Appliance Service Business Consultant

Our Experience

The Expert Service Program is a four stage, on site in-depth review of your service operations. This program is designed to evaluate current processes, technology and profitability. The Expert Service Program provides a written action plan which includes recommended proven best practices that are designed to sustain and increase profitability and controlled growth. 

Why Us?

Paul is the founder of Factory Appliance Service in Toronto, Canada. His business started in 1983 with just one technician growing his independent service business to 38 technicians on the road and 75 employees at the height of his career. In 2006 Paul sold his business. It was through his participation in the USA trade association that Paul learned many techniques and strategies to grow his business and increase it's profits. 
Today Paul is a consultant for service companies and retailers who seek his advice and expertise to improve their service operations and increase profits.